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TiddlyYuletide 2007

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So, I’m delighted that next month Simon Baird and Daniel Baird are visiting Osmosoft from their secret antipodean lair.

I first heard from Simon back before there was a TiddlyWiki group in May 2005, when he emailed me with details of his “close others” macro, which is now in the core code. Daniel emailed me a few days later with the words “TiddlyWiki frickin rocks”.

Since then, Simon and Daniel have become stalwarts of the TiddlyWiki scene. They started tiddlywikiguides, the first documentation project (now at, and are both frequent contributors to the discussion groups. But their most impressive achievement has been TiddlySpot, a hosted TiddlyWiki service that they run voluntarily to wide acclaim.

In their honour we’re going to have a little TiddlyYuletide celebration in the office on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday 18th December. We’d be delighted if any other TiddlyWikiers are able to join us, drop me a line if you’re in London (or can get here easily).


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November 16, 2007 at 11:35 am

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