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Into the Hedge

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So, I’ve had my first car crash. Terrifying, as such things no doubt are apt to be. But I survived, and so I have the luxury of also finding it interesting. As I was driving along, not going very fast, approaching a slight bend when the steering wheel suddenly froze, with the wheels locked all the way to the right. I veered into the oncoming traffic, completely out of control, and unable to steer or brake. Amazingly, the other traffic managed to swerved around me as I careered over the road. I came to rest in the hedge dazed and shocked but completely unhurt. The terror comes from the realisation that if a big beefy lorry had been coming the other way at the critical time, I’d have been smeared all over the front of it.

Lots of people stopped and asked me if I was OK but my main problem was not having a clue what you’re actually supposed to do in this situation. In the end I phoned the police. A very jolly policeman arrived sometime later and took a few notes. To my delight he did a double-take when I gave my date of birth as 1965, saying I was much too well preserved to be that old. That’s the stuff.

In the ditch from one sideIn the ditch from the other side

I don’t really like cars or driving, and I get a bit morbid about the likelihood of dying in or under one, so this kind of accident was pretty much my worst nightmare. So I guess it isn’t that weird that two nights earlier I’d had a vivid dream about driving the car, and it swerving and flying off the road to come to rest in a field…


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October 20, 2006 at 5:49 pm

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